A Tribute to Abby Zeitlan, Partner of Ideas

To say Abby did it all doesn't begin to describe what
she meant, and still means, to Triad. We lost Abby on
March 27, 2011, but the legacy she built lives on.
As a founding partner of Triad, she devoted more than
15 years to achieving incredible success for her clients,
never missing a dance recital, lacrosse, or soccer game
along the way. In a career filled with accomplishments
most of us can only aspire to achieve, Abby's greatest
was her family. On the rare occasion she wasn't on her
laptop, you'd find her at her beloved Cape house in
Falmouth with her husband and three children.
Abby had a passion for fitness, her style was iconic,
and she always knew best. She challenged us,
inspired us, and made us better.
Abby always had the answers, and her expertise
still guides us every day. We can only hope we're
making her as proud as she made us.

Our Team.