5 Tips for Kindling Your Creativity

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Whatever your industry there’s usually a need to be creative – whether positioning yourself to attract new business, identifying a new client solution or solving a management problem. Add in the everyday challenges of running a business, and creativity can be hard to find. Next time you’re feeling stuck, try these five ways to get the ideas flowing again.

  1. Get back to the consumer point of view. If you were the customer what would you want to see? What would get you excited and build confidence? Empathy for your target audience can tap back into new ideas.
  1. Change your soundtrack. Try listening to something new and see what happens. If you usually work in silence, background music can engage part of your brain allowing the rest of it free reign. Lyrics, instrumentals, or the sounds of nature may shake things up. Or try noise canceling headphones with no music at all and see what’s hiding in the silence.
  1. Change your scenery. It can be as simple as sitting on the other side of your desk or out on the sofa in reception. Or maybe going to a coffeehouse or park. Take a walk or go to the gym. Sometimes not actively working allows the work to happen.
  1. Ask for advice. Talking things over with someone different can change your whole perspective. Everyone has an opinion and most are more than willing to share it. Ask your kids what they think – you’re likely to get honest (and sometimes harsh) insight.
  1. Keep it simple. It’s easy to get stuck if you’re looking for a lofty solution. The direct route is often the best way to let creativity happen. Just say what you want to say and leave space for the ideas to stand out.

Bottom line – when creativity seems out of reach, go back to the basics, try something different, and then be patient. The answer is out there. It may not look like what you expect, but it’s there nonetheless.

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