Interested in Pinterest?You may have received an invite to Pinterest, the new “virtual pinboard” that allows users to visually share things they like with others. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social platforms, and boasts a ten percent higher conversion rate than other digital referrer sites.

Pinterest is particularly popular with young women in their early 20s, but plenty of guys are getting in on the act. Pre-defined categories on the site include home and furniture, DIY and Crafts, and Food and Drink. Not for you? Create your own custom boards that focus on your particular interests.

You might be wondering why you need yet another social activity to occupy your time. What started as an individual use, social site, is slowly becoming another form of social media for businesses.

How does Pinterest enhance your other marketing efforts? Pinterest allows you to showcase and share your visual work. The images you “pin” also link back to your source website or blog. This not only helps drive traffic. It also, combined with creative descriptions, helps with search engine optimization.

Like other social platforms, Pinterest allows you to follow and be followed. People following your pinboard receive updates every time you pin new images.

How does this differ from Facebook? The layout is much cleaner and less cluttered. The chatter is far less. In short, Pinterest provides a better visual experience than Facebook. If you want people to focus on look and feel, Pinterest is for you.

Of course, new social media sites mean fun new slang. Much like “friending” on Facebook, these words may start working their way into your daily conversations. Die hard Pinterest users refer to this language as “Terpinology” and some words include:

  • Pinning: The act of adding an image to a pin board
  • Pin Marklet: The bookmark added to the user’s browser which allows them to pin from any site
  • Pinsomnia: Trouble going to sleep due to excessive pinning in the evening
  • Pinteresting: A word describing an image or idea interesting enough to be pinned
  • Pinteruption: A disruption caused by anyone while one is busy on Pinterest
  • Pinja’vu: The feeling you have pinned something before

Technically, Pinterest is still in Beta. If you or your business wants to start pinning, you must request an invite or have a current member send you one. Please drop by Triad’s Pinterest page, and take a look at what we like out there. Let us know what you think!

Happy Pinning!

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