It’s Intern Season: 7 Tips for Students

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Internships are an important opportunity to gain valuable experience and learn skills not taught in the classroom. Even high school students can benefit from shadowing professionals. Here are 7 tips for making the most of your internship experience.

  1. Start early. Exploring possibilities within your field of interest is much easier and more affordable when you are in school. Real world experience from internships sets you apart when applying for a job.
  1. Stand out. Your letter or email should be personally written and honest. Clearly state what you are looking to get from an internship. Mention anything specific or relevant from the firm’s website, body of work, employees that you know, or any other positive connection.
  1. Choose an internship with a variety of opportunities. In advertising, some agencies place interns in just one department. At Triad, our interns work with every department in each of our companies.
  1. Look for flexibility. Whether during the school year or in the summer, flexible hours will allow you to continue your education or even work another job.
  1. Step outside your comfort zone. Our interns have come from a variety of majors including sociology and psychology.
  1. Take advantage of networking opportunities. Get to know people in the office. Ask questions and learn as much as you can. Take initiative and demonstrate what you bring to the team. Your internship can yield important connections that help you get a job and move your career forward.
  1. Be professional, but have fun. References matter, so dress the part and behave appropriately. But also take time to enjoy yourself. This is a rare opportunity to explore your interests, learn real world skills and discover what truly interests you.

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