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Apple Genius

Apple fans already know where to go if they have an Apple issue. But what if you just want to learn how to make a really cool video of your baby/friends/puppy/Saturday afternoon wiffleball game? Apple’s latest campaign tackles that very premise. In each, an average person is in dire need of an Apple product for life or for work. Like a superhero donning his cape, the Apple Genius tosses on his badge and springs to the rescue.

The ads, which began running during the Olympics, are being widely panned.. Some say they’re too much of a brand departure, too “dumbed down“. But naysayers may be missing the point.

Apple’s new strategy seems to focus on getting consumers to come into the store to learn how to use iMovie, Keynote, and its other signature software and apps. This not only encourages brick and mortar visits, but also gives Apple a chance to show off their shiny new i-Everythings displayed right in front of you. They are hoping you’ll think, “Wow, these Macs/iPads/iPhones/iPods are better than mine – maybe I’ll shop around and get a new MacBook to go with my new Hollywood director skills.”

In addition, the new Apple Genius campaign is inviting a wider audience to join the tribe – a large departure from the brand that is typically “only for the cool people.” It’s aiming to answer the question of Mac versus PC in an accessible – and amusing – way.

Well Apple, your geeks are appropriately named, because we think this strategy is “genius.”

What do you think of the spots? Have an idea for the next “genius to the rescue” commercial? Let us know!