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You’ve Got Mail

Email MarketingYou’ve heard all about social media – the sexy new kid on the block. But did you know, social’s stodgy older brother, email marketing, has a greater return on investment?

In today’s business climate, companies are trying to slice their marketing budgets. Because of its proven effectiveness, shifting from direct mail marketing to email marketing may be just the trick.

Email marketing is an effective way to strengthen ties with your current clientele. You probably have their email address and can easily send them a quick note about an exclusive special, opening of a new location, or a new service your business can offer.

Many companies only use email to reach current customers. However, it’s also a great way to tap into a new client base. The simplest way to start is by reaching out to a list provider. Give the provider all the demographics you want to reach in a list and they will come back with a cost to send out an email on your behalf. Make sure you have a good technique to capture data, such as a form on your website, so you can remarket to these customers on your own.

What else makes an email campaign work? Don’t forget these 5 tips:

  1. Always have a compelling email subject line. People will choose whether to click or trash based on this single factor alone.
  2. Always have an opt-out. The Federal CAN-SPAM laws requires you to remove people from your lists at their request.
  3. Make sure your content matches your subject line. Nothing makes people hit the spam button faster than deceptive headlines.
  4. Make sure you can track clicks on links in your email to your webpage. This will help you know just how much success you are having.
  5. Include a strong call to action in your email. This makes it easier – and more likely – for the email reader to take the action you want.

Email remains a powerhouse in your marketing mix. Give this elder internet marketing statesman a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Tree Tech’s Marketing Success in Landscape Management Magazine

Triad client Tree Tech, Inc. from Foxboro, MA was featured in this month’s Landscape Management magazine for their successful 2010 (business grew 5% in 2010, projecting an additional 8% growth in 2011). We were excited to be a part of owner Andy Felix’s success and look forward to helping tell Tree Tech’s story to more New England area homeowners.

The initial steps we took this past fall with Tree Tech included developing a direct mail campaign to target qualified homeowners and a door hanger collateral piece to target the neighborhoods where Tree Tech had jobs. Pieces are below.