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Guerilla for Good

Imagine you’re Coke. You’re number one. The head honcho. The soft drink to end all soft drinks.

You’re all bout happiness, from your tags to your brand image.

You come out with new varieties regularly, but your competition inevitably mimicks your every move (Coke Zero > Pepsi Max).

So you take the one thing your competitors can’t steal, your inextricable brand image and global recognition, and go and do something like this….

And do a fantastic job.

Congratulations Coke, you’ve taken your “happiness” thing to a whole new level. In a combination of guerilla and viral marketing, you’ve created a compelling and rather entertaining stunt that feels truly honest. Kudos.

Now, imagine you’re Pepsi. You’re number two. Simply another soda.

You’ll probably be in Coke’s shadow forever, and you’ve just created the controversial “skinny can” that looks like a can of Red Bull. You had success with Pepsi Refresh, but to be honest, it’s mostly forgotten by now.

What do you do?

The Next Viral Video Sensation?

Meet the latest viral video superstar, and he’s local! Emerson student George Watsky has already been on “Ellen” and may be the next internet sensation (move over keyboard cat). At the time of this post, George’s already got 1.5 million view on his “Pale kid raps fast” video. And it’s good! Thanks to our very own Emerson soon to be alum, DJ Switz, for turning us onto his fellow Emerson Lion.

New Shoes Help You Walk on Water….and other viral video ideas

“Me, my boots, and I are gonna make it!” This is just genius. A video that’s interesting, fun, gripping and points out the value of good boots. Plus, from our perspective, it looks like a blast to shoot, edit, and create. Check out the details of this European viral boot campaign here: http://ow.ly/1NbRs

Now think about how you could make a project like this work for your school. You know your students and faculty are doing amazing things all the time. Highlight one of them in an over the top way. Maybe a group of marketing students is learning how to develop a product launch. Make up your own amazing product and launch it online. Use the video to link viewers to your program page, inquiry funnel, and enrollment process.

This is the kind of one time project that can be a lot of fun and doesn’t require a whole lot of resources.