Taming Twitter Tip: Lists

You finally decided to check out Twitter. After all, you may have heard that Twitter is more popular than ever, with over 200 million registered users, and another 600,000 people signing up daily. You chose an SEO friendly user name, filled out your profile, uploaded an avatar, and started following other accounts.

But as you go along, following more and more individuals and brands, your Twitter stream can become, well, noisy. With so many tweets entering your stream in real time, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the information that is most useful to you.

Lists can help you tame this Twitter chaos. With Twitter lists, you can decide how to organize the brands and individuals you follow in a way that makes most sense to you.

This might seem a little abstract. Let’s look at some examples from the travel and hospitality industry. Maybe you want to follow influential brands in your field. Create a list! Travel & Leisure Magazine did just that with their It List 2011.

What if you want to stay tuned into the activities of your sister companies? You guessed it – another list. Check out this list by Comfort Inn Kanata of all Choice Hotels using Twitter. How about reviewing regional developments that might impact your bottom line? Check the local tourism board! The Department of Colorado Tourism created lists for everything from beer to ski resorts.

Twitter List for Industry Developments

With Twitter lists, you can easily and quickly focus on the tweets that matter most to you. You can save time by going straight to important information instead of browsing through your whole Twitter stream.

As you can see, you may not even have to create your own lists. With a little time on search.twitter.com, you may find lists that already meet your needs. Just subscribe to them and put someone else’s research to work for you.

Not sure how to create a list? Check out this video below!

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