The 2014 Trimazing Race

Trimazing Hunt 2014 Clues

Our holiday party has a bit of a reputation.

Each year the Joe and Michele assemble something special to celebrate the holidays and year gone by. The last few years have featured a scavenger hunt of sorts throughout Greater Boston spurring (mostly) good-natured competition and plenty of surprises.

This year three randomly chosen teams represented each of the three Triad Advertising Companies (Triad, 5HD, and Red Ball Promotions). By outsourcing the scavenger hunt to Boston Cashunt, Joe and Michele got to join in the fun.

Triad Advertising Sweatshirts

Before we left the office, everyone got a warm fuzzy sweatshirt made by our own Red Ball Promotions.

Trimazing Hunt Clue #1

After a quick lunch, we all hopped in a trolley and headed to Target for a Supermarket Sweep-inspired race through the store.

Full shopping carts

Next stop was My Brother’s Keeper in Easton where we delivered the haul and got a quick tour of the distribution center. Several of our employees are making plans to volunteer in the year ahead.

My Brother's Keeper warehouse

Trolley ride to Boston

Back in the trolley, we headed in to Boston for our annual scavenger hunt….

Third Trimazing Clue

…and “the mysterious man in a black coat outside the Hard Rock Café.”

Ready for the scavenger hunt

Our three teams spent the next three hours roaming around Boston, searching for clues, taking crazy pictures, recording videos and having a great time.

The winning team – Team 5HD – poses with a golden Bruins fire hydrant:

Posing with golden fire hydrant

Team Triad shows some real teamwork…

Team Triad makes a pyramid

…and a willingness to do just about anything.

Team Red Ball stopping traffic…

Team Red Ball stopped in a crosswalk

…and “Living on a Prayer.” (As opposed to laughing on a prayer, as the bystanders were doing.)

At the end of the day, we were all a little colder, a whole lot sillier, and ready to kick back over dinner. We were all happy to celebrate the close of another great year with much more in store for 2015.


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