The Case for Insourcing in an Outsourcing World

team working for success
At Triad Advertising (now a division of the Triad Companies) we’ve always bucked the system, seeing ourselves as partners rather than contractors and billing only for creative and deliverables rather than nickeling and diming over phone calls and meetings. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that as agencies are becoming more specialized and relying increasingly on freelancers and subcontractors, we’re bringing (and keeping) it all in-house.

With insourcing we have closer control over the process and it’s easier to manage personalities and work habits for a more productive environment. All divisions follow our philosophy, with a shared work ethic and approach to customer service. The end product is more cohesive because we truly are a team. Bottom line, however, is that it’s easier for clients to work with one group and customer satisfaction drives everything we do.

Meeting Client Needs

This insourcing approach goes back more than two decades to our roots as a recruitment agency when Triad was born in response to clients’ needs for quality ads. In the beginning we worked with freelancers, but the goal has always been to have talent in-house. Frankly, it’s easier to control turnaround, budget and quality when you’re working directly with your own staff. And we adopted this approach with all aspects of our company, from account services to accounting to HR, to give us more control and oversight.

Investing for Customer Service

Our decisions are all fueled by client benefit and our goal of long-term customer satisfaction. For example, we saw early on the advantages of investing in a large scale color printer to reduce costs and turnaround for some of our print jobs. While we still use outside printers for specific projects, by having our own high quality machine in our office we can cut out the markup, increase responsiveness and, again, have better control over quality. Plus, we can produce high quality color mockups, proofs and presentations, which in turn improves our customer service.

This same awareness of quality control and an unsatisfied need led to the creation of Red Ball Promotions. Imprinted items created by other vendors weren’t meeting the standards our clients deserved and demanded. By creating our own promotional products division backed by a full creative department, we were able to establish relationships with preferred vendors, craft campaigns from concept to fulfillment, and deliver high quality branded items. With Red Ball Promotions, our clients get more than just an order taker, they get the support of an entire creative team for full-service campaigns.

Growing Through Change

Launching a new division isn’t easy. Establishing Red Ball involved stepping out of our comfort zone, learning the industry, and building business. At one point we were even told that advertising agencies had no business being in the promotional products arena. We begged to differ, putting our creative minds and resources behind everything we do. And today, our long list of satisfied clients agree that dealing with one point of contact for consistent high quality work is a major benefit of working with us.

We started our in-house digital agency, 5HD for the same reason – to better serve our clients. We were partnering with outside developers and service providers but felt we could provide better results and service in-house. This time, our employees took the initiative over several years to master the industry and suggested we create a new company with additional talent to satisfy the growing demand for quality digital marketing strategies. Again our creative and strategic expertise supports the expansion into an adjacent marketing space.

Looking to the Future

With a name like Triad, it’s easy to think that three divisions is the magic number. But we’re always looking for new white space to fill, and we’re already looking ahead to a branding division. It’s something we already do, we do it well, and we see a real need in the marketplace. At this point, it’s a matter of timing, personnel and resource allocation.

So in a time when others are cutting back and limiting themselves to a specialty niche, we’re moving forward and promoting our team’s talents and expertise. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about giving our clients a solution for success.Triad Advertising Companies

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