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Join us at Stacy’s workshop at MASS-ALA 2019

What are you doing September 26th? If you answered, “learning all kinds of amazing things with the amazing Stacy Danner,” you would be right.

Join us at MASS-ALA’s annual conference as our own Stacy Danner presents “How Healthy is Your Brand?” It’s a team-building, brand-building workshop to help you take a fresh look at what sets your company apart.

Find what truly sets you apart – and how to sell it.

Learn how to stand apart in senior living – or in any industry, by asking 5 key questions that get to the heart of what makes you unique.

What are you truly best at? Where are your competitors stealing your customers? Gain an eye-opening view of your own brand and learn proven tips to rally your team behind what you do best.

Brainstorm with your team and find new opportunities.

Attendees will be able to access Triad’s “How Healthy is Your Brand?” activity to replicate the workshop with your own team. Register here to join us. You’ll walk away with a healthier, stronger brand.

Can’t make it? Email us to download Triad’s Healthy Brand activity and learn more.

Chew on this – Triad Advertising has been building healthy brands for more than 20 years. Meet us at MASS-ALA or contact us to learn how we can help you carve out your niche and generate more sales.

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