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All About Recruitment

So, you’re looking to add another talented member to your team. You want them to be a great fit both in terms of skill and culture, but are unsure of where exactly to find them. For recruitment, look no further than Triad Advertising.

Why Triad?

We first opened our doors in 1995 as a recruitment advertising agency—and we’ve been expanding our services and talent ever since. With Triad, you can recruit your ideal hire while also enhancing the overall employee experience. Plus, our advertising expertise allows you to maintain one consistent, dependable, powerful voice in recruitment and beyond. We put the “brand” in brand new hires.

Enhance Your Brand

Recruitment is a valuable opportunity to not only attract potential candidates, but also to introduce them to your brand. With the help of our exceptional creative and account teams, you can ensure your recruitment messaging matches your overall brand. Plus, if you ever wanted a rebrand or refresh, we can help with that, too.

Maximize Your Investment

Recruitment takes time and energy to yield the best results. Rather than fumbling with standardized job forms on websites flooded with competition, you can reach your ideal candidates easily and effectively with Triad.

Our precise targeting seamlessly blends your message into your prospect’s daily routine and maximizes your investment with qualified leads.

How we target:

  • Programmatic display ads
  • Print advertising
  • Paid social advertisements
  • Outdoor advertising displays
  • Retargeting and prospecting
  • Paid search

We also work with you to adapt your budget to real-time marketing and advertising trends for the most effective results.

After the Hire

Your newest recruit takes a seat at their desk, ready to start creating awesome work. Technically, they’re a part of the team now. But how do you make them feel like they are?

That’s where our branded merchandise division, Red Ball Promotions, comes into play. It allows you to welcome your associates with valuable team-building materials.

  • Apparel and promotional products
  • Training materials and fulfillment
  • Work incentive programs
  • Sales team reward programs

Over 4.3 million people quit their jobs in August 2021.


Now more than ever it’s crucial to recruit and retain employees. We can help you implement appreciation programs, including seasonal gifting and rewards, as well as career advancement roadmaps that show your employees the benefits and opportunities of working with you.

Recruit, Engage, and Retain with Triad Advertising

With the help of Triad Advertising, you don’t have to worry about finding potential candidates or knowing what to say to them. All you have to focus on is selecting who fits your team the best. We’ve got the rest handled from here.

Want to get started? Contact us today.

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