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Bank Branch Design: WCB Melrose

In 2020, the ReVive by Triad team helped Wakefield Co-operative Bank (WCB) design its new Melrose bank branch. But in a historic town like Melrose, MA, you can’t simply “open”—you have to have an opening to remember.

From a topographic tabletop to a custom-made mural, we helped WCB fit right into the Melrose community while also highlighting the aspects that set it apart. Now the branch stands as one of WCB’s best brand advocates. Read to see how we got here.

Who is WCB?

Wakefield Co-operative Bank is a community bank and an independent financial institution that values trust, longevity, and the communities it has served for over 130 years. Its solid foundation is built upon deep values and its customers’ confidence, trust, and support.

WCB also supports and remains active in its communities by strengthening relationships with local organizations. It stays true to local roots while providing genuine personal service—a unique selling point that couldn’t go unrecognized in the bank branch design.

Prior to this project, WCB had two branches located on main streets in Wakefield and Lynnfield. After seeing NES Group’s success with its Wakefield branch transformation, WCB teamed up with NES Group for another location.

Wakefield Co-operative Bank’s Wakefield Branch.

What are we here to do?

WCB knew it wanted to open another modern, social, and interactive branch, but it didn’t know where. Enter NES Group stage left. With experts in consumer behavior, strategy, and marketing, NES Group found the perfect spot in no time: Main Street in Melrose.

A sleek, modern exterior leads to excellent service inside WCB’s Melrose branch.

Only 12 minutes from WCB’s headquarters, and in direct view of customers lost by a nearby bank merger, Melrose became home to WCB’s newest branch. Yet, the new branch couldn’t just be located in Melrose—it needed to become a part of Melrose to highlight WCB’s commitment to community. Luckily, that’s one of our fortes.

The Creative Process

After NES Group found the location, they passed the baton to us, ReVive by Triad: the branding and advertising arm of NES Group. ReVive by Triad researchers dove into town records, NES Group’s DRL Architects team got to work, and creatives turned up the volume on their ideas. Soon after, WCB’s Melrose bank branch design emerged.

The branch upholds the best parts about WCB’s brand: its warmth, positivity, and reputation. WCB’s tagline of “Bringing Life to Banking” inspired us to fill the space with vibrancy. Local photographers colored the walls with breathtaking views, ReVive’s talented artists designed frosted glass with Melrose’s silhouettes, and historic Main Street came to life with the help of artist Julie Borden of Juleez.

One of the best parts of this bank branch design was how seamlessly it blended history with modern design. Two showstoppers helped add history without compromising design: a timeline and a topographic tabletop. With sleek navy blue and maroon hues, the timeline speaks to Melrose’s history in a tone that appeals to the contemporary customer. And we were sure to place WCB’s branch opening as an important event in time, too.

The topographic table was an idea that flowed from Melrose’s well-known Ell Pond. Home to hikes, dog walking, and mirror-like reflections of bright blue skies, Ell Pond was the perfect addition to the coffee area.

Closer view of the topographic table.

Wrapping Up

WCB’s Melrose branch now stands as its best advocate. It’s trendy, welcoming and filled with the awesome services of their employees. We are so happy we could help them Brand Their Banking Journey.

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ReVive by Triad is a full-service branding and advertising agency. As the branding and advertising arm of NES Group, we bring our clients a combined 50 years of experience in banking. Together, we’re your one source for banking success.

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