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McSweeney & Ricci Insurance selects Triad Advertising Companies

After an agency review, Braintree, MA-based McSweeney & Ricci Insurance has selected Triad Advertising Companies. Triad is tasked with rebranding the company’s marketing, building upon its 55 years of success. TAC is also providing an annual marketing strategy, as well as new brand creative for its core service lines.

“We’re excited for this new opportunity and thank McSweeney & Ricci for partnering with Triad for their success.”


The challenge? Compete against the marketing giant direct writers and help them differentiate. We hit the ground running to develop the refreshed McSweeney & Ricci brand, which officially launched in March of 2019. We began by digging in and learning everything we could about what sets the company apart. What we found? Their service is second to none – and for a product as complex as insurance, that matters – a lot.

When it comes to insurance, how do you know what you need? You need more than a great price. You need advice.

That’s the question guiding the new McSweeney & Ricci brand. We developed a new tagline, “Advice is the best policy,” and a distinctive identity, including brand colors, positioning, design, and photography, for each of the company’s core service lines. In the coming months, we’ll share more, as we help our friends at McSweeney & Ricci grow awareness and customer base. For now, enjoy this sneak preview.

Preview of new brand creative featuring new visual identity and tagline.
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