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Triad vs. Invasive Water Chestnuts

Our Summer of Service officially kicked off last weekend! Jody, daughter of Adam, Triad’s Senior Graphic Designer, led a group of family, friends, and Triad employees through the Charles River to remove water chestnuts – an invasive species.

Jody pulls water chestnuts from the Charles River.

For her Mitzvah Project, Jody chose to organize an activity that would help the environment by keeping the Massachusetts waterways clean. Through her research she discovered that water chestnuts reproduce very fast and cause many issues for the ecosystems and waterways that they inhabit. The growing amount of the bacteria that decomposes them leads to the killing of fish, mollusks and other animals that live in the ecosystem.

To accomplish this task, we took to the river in canoes to pull out as many water chestnuts as possible.

Jody poses with the water chestnuts that were pulled out of the Charles River.

Thanks to Jody, the group was able to pull 231 pounds of water chestnuts from the river! Not only did we enjoy a great day on the water, we were honored to take part in an awesome event that made a difference in our community.

Great work, Jody!

Triad’s Managing Partners, Michele and Joe, get ready to hit the water with their daughters.
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